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Oct. 8th, 2004 @ 07:58 pm photoshop cs!
So what? Im....: chipperi cant stop writing!
I love this song:: number nine on the Lamb album

jarrod just put photoshop cs on the computer so im just mucking around with that now. the filter thingies are heaps good.
i just had to go and move all the cars inside- the rav, the beast and the silly car. i dont even have my p's or a car and here i am driving all these cars into the yard. but i felt rich ay. carrying around 3 sets of keys. then i left the keys to the rav in the silly car and had to go get them then i nearly ran over the cat but oh well.
been studying heaps lately. im really proud of what ive done- two subjects for english= nearly a book of notes. only teo more subjects to go. im a bit behind in what i wanted to get done but this is more studying then ive ever done before. but my mums been a weird one; i know that if i wasnt studying then she'd lecture me but she doesnt think i should be doing as much studying as im doing, and im not even doing as much as i know i should be doing! She reckons that its going to stress me out and keeps telling me to go places and stuff or not to study. but whats stressing me out is the fact that im not doing as much as i should be. i listen to cds whilst im studying and im going through my cd case listening to every cd. so far theres 35 cds in a stack next to my cd player. So say that each cd goes for roughly an hour thats 35 hours of study ive done in the past 2 weeks. and so say that ive done the same amount of study each day for those 14 days (which i didnt) then thats 2.5 hours a day. which really isnt much.
had a bit of a get together last night. was supposed to be just about 8 of my friends, pizzas and drinks. but then one friend wasnt sure if she could come because of work, one friend told me on the day that she wasnt coming, and then one friend messaged me a couple of hours before it started to say that his girlfriend was stuck in sydney and he was really sick so i was stuck with 3 people. but it was still fun. karyn wouldnt shut up. we went and tried to say hello to rogers at work but he wasnt there but we saw alysha ( why didnt she come?). got pizzas from work and said hello to the munkchins there. brad got excited because i told him i got an interview for Jamberoo Rec Park (yay!). came back and watched karyns list of reality tv. karyn left so we changed the channel and watched the footy show and some really weird show on the SBS (well what did i expect?). then kerry went home (she got a lift and she lives two minutes away! well i suppose my brother and mum did force her to take the lift.) then nathan went home at exactly midnight (and he didnt turn into a pumpkin) because i kept falling asleep. all in all it was a pretty good night.
had some weird phone calls today. one of emma's "friends" kept ringing up and asking for emma and when i asked who it was they wouldnt tell me and hung up. the second time they called me a shithead. stupid kids. then my boss rang me and wanted to know why i had a really high docket average at work and i thought i was in trouble but she just wanted to know how i did it but i dont have any secrets ive just taken alot of big orders and so i sort of got a compliment of her and i might even get more shifts *crosses fingers*
started decorating a t.shirt for Kerry today. hardly did any but.
anywho emmas yelling at me to get off the computer so i better go.

I love these last pictures of the dogs...they look like portraits...probably because of the flash. but its a really interesting angle. contrast is my friend!!

The Clock of Life

The clock of life is wound but once.
And noone has the power
To tell just when the hands will stop.
At late or early hour.
Now is the only time you own
Live, love, toil with a will.
Place no faith in tomorrow, for
The clock may then be still.